Non-toxic beauty favorites

Over the past several years I've realized how important it is to be conscious about what I'm putting on my body just as much as I am about what I'm putting in it. The skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs everything we put on it, good or bad. 

I'm also a huge animal lover/ advocate and it boggles my mind how many cosmetic companies still use animal testing as part of their methods. I've been trying to only purchases from companies that do not test on animals and that are not owned by a company that tests on animals. I could go on an on about the animal testing topic, but the main point is to make sure you do your research and only support companies that do not test on animals and ideally use natural or organic ingredients! I have found that Cruelty Free Kitty, and PETA both have good lists for cruelty free and non-cruelty free companies. 

It has been about 3-4 years of slowly eliminating more toxic products from my beauty/skincare/ hair routine and i'm finally almost there. I have a couple products that I'm trying to use the rest of, because they were expensive and I don't like to waste (I'm looking at you NARS Orgasm Blush). 

Here is a list of my beauty routine in the a.m. with my lineup of non-toxic beauty products (excluding body/ hair products-will have to have a whole separate post on that later!):

  • Wash my face with this amazing facial oil from One Love Organics (it is expensive but it lasts forever.) I'm absolutely sold on facial oils as cleansers but this is the best one I've ever tried. It removes makeup really well, and is gentle and doesn't dry my skin out.

  • Put cocokind MyMatcha stick under my eyes. This really could be used anywhere or as a general balm but I like to put it under my eyes to moisturize.

  • Cocokind repair serum , little bit over face and neck

  • Pai Chamomile & Rosehip Calming day cream, I bought this as part of a gift set around Christmas time and it is almost out and I'm not sure if I will repurchase. I like to use an SPF moisturizer in the summertime but this moisturizer really does calm my redness and is quickly absorbed which I love!

  • I start with my eye makeup first to let my moisturizer set in. I use Pixi by Petra eyeliner in Bronze Beam. This isn't 100% natural or organic but it is cruelty free and works well for me. Let me know if you have a go-to non-toxic brown eyeliner!

  • Next is W3LL People Mascara. I've tried many natural mascara's and I still haven't found the holy grail, BUT I'm loving this one enough to keep purchasing it which is saying something!

  • I use RMS Beauty uncover-up on any red areas and under eyes. I just use my fingers to apply (later I blend with a sponge) . Again, this is an expensive item but mine has lasted me over 1 year.

  • Then W3LL people tinted moisturizer. I use these sponges (wet them first) , to blend the uncover up and the tinted moisturizer

  • RMS beauty un powder . I tap my largest face/powder brush in this and dab it on to "set" the tinted moisturizer

  • Dap blush on cheeks with a blush brush if i'm using the last of my NARS blush mentioned above (toxic), or this non-toxic option that I recently bought which I would use my fingers to apply. (still haven't mastered cream blushes...)

  • Lily Lolo bronzer. (Miami Beach) I put this on a smaller more angled brush and apply on forehead, along cheekbones, and a little on the nose + neck.

  • RMS Beauty Living Luminizer under my eyebrows and near the tear duct of each eye.

  • EcoBrow eyebrow defining wax. (color Sharon) I use an eyebrow brush and fill in my brows a tad and brush them smooth. I love this product and it has lasted a really long time as well!

  • And my favorite lip balm is Eco Lips Mongo Kiss, Vanilla Honey

I have been using Detox Market a lot for non-toxic products and reviews, as well as Amazon. There aren't a tone of stores in Chicago that carry the products I want to try but they are starting to be sold at Whole Foods, Plum Market, and Target which is so exciting! 

I realize a lot of these products are more expensive than most drugstore options, but it doesn't have to be an overnight switch to non-toxic products. It has taken me a while to finally fine products that I like and that do the job!  I truly feel it is worth the money, and I think you vote with your dollar when you choose to support companies that do not stand for animal testing. 

Hopefully this list helps! Send me any of your favorite products or any questions you have!